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Steel Mains Capabilities 

Please find below a copy of our capabilities brochure which outlines an overview of the products and services Steel Mains provides. 

Steel Mains Capabilities

Steel Mains Product Data Handbook 

Please find below a copy of our product data handbook. In this brochure you will find information on the various coatings, lining, joints, sizes and fittings we offer. This brochure is an abbreviated version of our design manual. 

Steel Mains Product Data Handbook

Case Studies

Below you will find links to case studies of various projects that Steel Mains have helped deliver over the years.

Steel Mains Case Studies 

Export Projects  

Please find below, Steel Mains Export Project History. 

Export Project History Brochure  

Advantages of Steel

To find out the advantages of using steel as your pipeline material, please download our brochure below.

The Advantages of Steel.

Steel Pipe Fittings

Steel Mains offers an extensive range of Steel Fittings to accommodate your total pipeline design requirements. Please download the Fittings brochures below, which outline the various type of fittings that can be manufactured and detailed information on these fittings. 

Sintakote Steel Fittings Brochure

SM Angle Tees

SM Bends

SM Bifurcates

SM Combinations

SM Flanges

SM Reducers

SM Spools

SM Stepovers

SM Tees

SM Weld Collars

SM Temporary Access Closure


Compact Dismantling Joint

Please find below a copy of our new patent Compact Dismantling Joint Brochures. 

Compact Dismantling Joint

Compact Dismantling Joint Installation Procedure



Steel Mains Sintakote® Pipeline systems are available in a variety of joints to suit various applications. Please see below links to information on the various joints we can offer with our pipe and how to best utilise them for your next project.

Sintajoint Brochure

Sintalock Brochure 

Spherical Slip In Joint (SSJ) Brochure

Ball & Socket Joint (BSJ) Brochure  

Joint Comparison

Please find below a copy of our joint comparison brochures. 

Sintajoint & Sintalock Comparison Brochure

Welded Joints Comparison Brochure

Coating & Lining


Sintakote Brochure 


General Purpose

Please find below a copy of our synergy brochure which outlines an overview of the world class linings we provide on our Sintakote Steel pipelines.

Steel Mains Unsurpassed Synergy - Cement Lining

Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)

Please find below a copy of our Calcium Aluminate Cement which outlines an overview of the world class linings we provide on our Sintakote Steel pipelines.

Calcium Aluminate Cement

Pipeline System Accessories

Please find below a copy of our pipeline system accessories brochures.

Steel Mains Eziline Mortar Mix

Canusa KLON Product Data Sheet

Installation Guide for Canusa WLS Heat Shrink Sleeve

Installation Guide For Canusa CRP-65 Repair Patch

Sintakote Repair Kit