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Design Assistance

For over 100 years, Steel Mains and its forerunners have been providing technical and design assistance to many professionals in the water industry. Today we employ a dedicated Engineering team who can assist you with all your technical and design requirements. Our engineering team is on hand to support you with your next project, no matter how big or small.

Our Engineering team has a diverse range of expertise which includes but not limited to:

  1. Pipeline pressure rating and wall thickness recommendations to AS1579 – Pipeline Design
  2. Allowable deflections for joints AS 2566 & tests
  3. Calculating depth of deep entry joints required for soil subsidence.
  4. Buried pipeline calculation
  5. Above ground calculation
  6. Analysis of lifting multiple pipes,
  7. Advice on thrust restraint of pipelines
  8. Flange and sealing calculations, including recommended bolting torques
  9. Preliminary calculations for fittings design.
  10. Appropriate use of jointing Systems
  11. Suitability of Installation methods and to Australian Water Authority Recommendations
  12. Review of Pipeline design to AWWA M11 standards

Please contact your local Regional Sales Manager who will be able to assist you with your technical or design enquiry.