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Steel Mains Manufacturing Plants

Steel Mains is committed to manufacturing in Australia to meet Australia Standards and conditions. Steel Mains are experts in manufacturing mild steel cement lined pipe systems of varying sizes and diameters. Please see below, Steel Mains manufacturing plant locations.

Somerton, Victoria 

Location: 30 minutes North of Melbourne CBD     

Production Capacity: 40,000 tonnes per annum

Site Size: 35 acres (140,000 sqm); with place for loadout and storage

Capability: 2x spiral mill + production line; fittings fabrication 

  • Pipe Diameter: 114mm - 2,500mm

  • Pipe Thickness: 4.5mm - 25mm

  • Pipe Length: 6.0 - 13.5 metres

  • Fittings: Fabrication, end forming, coating and lining 

Kwinana, Western Australia

Location: 40 minutes South of Perth CBD 

Production Capacity: 30,000 tonnes per annum

Site Size: 23 acres (93,000 sqm); with place for loadout and storage

Capability: 1x spiral mill + production line

  • Pipe Diameter: 508mm - 1,422mm

  • Pipe Thickness: 5mm - 20mm

  • Pipe Length: 11.7 - 12.2 metres