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Technical Papers

Steel Mains has been at the forefront of research for over 100 years. We regularly conduct in-depth analysis of our Steel Pipeline systems to ensure it meets the requirements of Australia’s tough climate. We have a proud history of working with the major water utilities across Australia to develop our products that best suit their needs.

Below you will find various technical documents that show the advantages and strengths of using Steel Mains Sintakote® Steel pipe in various water applications.


Advantages of Sintakote Steel Pipe

Cement Lining - Why it is still the best lining option

PT 15271 Examination of Sintakote in service

PR 14520 Longevity of Sintajoint pipe

FBPE Coatings - 40 years on Corrosion Australasia February 2015

PR 14127 Review of the need for CP on Sintajoint Pipelines

TWT 15140 Comparison of Sintakote vs Epoxy coatings on steel water pipe

SMT 14926 Maximum allowable water velocities in CML pipe

AS1579 compared to API 5L X42