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Case Studies

Steel Mains and its forerunners, have been a major contributor and partner on many of Australia's largest water infrastructure projects. Steel Mains have assisted with the delivery of these projects though innovation, manufacturing excellence and design expertise. Below you will find links to case studies of various projects we have helped deliver over the years.



Australian Pipeline Projects

Year  State  Project  Principal  Length  Outside Diameter & Joints 
2022 ACT Belconnen Trunk Sewer Augmentation Icon Water 150m 1219 Sintalock I
2021 WA METRONET - Denny Avenue Water Mains Replacement Water Corporation 1km DN600 & DN900, Sintalock I
2020 VIC Cherry St Level Removal Crossing  City West Water 600m 1750 RRJ & 660 SSJ
2018 NSW Wentworth to Broken Hill WaterNSW 264km 762 RRJ 
2018  QLD  Cleveland Bay Treatment Outfall  Towsnville City Council  1km  1200 RRJ
2018 VIC Loy Yang Mines - Groyne De-watering Line AGL Loy Yang  5km 762 Sintalock II
2017 VIC M40 Pipeline Replacement Melbourne Water 3km 1750 Sintalock II
2017 VIC Maroondah Aqueduct Melbourne Water 5.7km 1750 Sintalock II
2016 SA Darlington Upgrade Project  Department of Planning, Transport and Infastructure - SA 6.1km 502, 762, 960, 1016 and 1290 BSJ  & SSJ
2015  VIC M039 Punt Road Pipeline Replacement  Melbourne Water 3km  813 & 660 Sintalock
2013 QLD Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir Pipeline SunWater  120km 914, 960, 1067, 1404 RRJ
2012 WA Stirling Trunk Main Duplication  Water Corporation  27km  1422 RRJ
2011 VIC Victorian Desalination Project  Melbourne Water  84km 1930 BSJ
2011 WA Marandoo Pipeline Rio Tinto 38.5km 508, 762, 914 & 1016 RRJ & Sintalock I
2011 SA Christies Beach Upgrade Project  SA Water  1km 1200 Plain End
2009 QLD  Toowoomba Pipeline Alliance  LinkWater 38km 762 RRJ & SSJ
2009 VIC  Sugarloaf North-South Pipeline  Melbourne Water  75km 1750 & 1404 BSJ
2009 VIC Tarago Project Melbourne Water  3km 960, 1124 and 1290 BSJ
2008 VIC Goldfields Superpipe Central Highlands Water 47km 800 RRJ
2008 QLD South East Queensland Water Grid  Queensland Government  334km 813, 960, 1085, 1290 & 1451OD
2008 NSW Liverpool to Ashfield Pipeline Sydney Water 20km 988, 1067 and 1124 RRJ & SSJ
2007 QLD Burdekin to Moranbah Pipeline  SunWater 172km 813 RRJ & SSJ
2007 VIC Goulburn Campaspe Superpipe Central Highlands Water 47km 1124 RRJ
2006 WA Kwinana Desalination Plant Water Corporation  23km 1200 & 1404 RRJ & SSJ
2004 VIC Cardinia Pipeline Project  Melbourne Water  30km  1200, 1404 & 1750 BSJ
2001 WA Stirling Trunk Main  Water Corporation  106km 1422 RRJ & SSJ
2000 QLD Awoonga Callide Augmentation  SunWater 33km 700 RRJ (CP) & SSJ
1998 SA Olympic Dam Uranium Mine Bore Pipeline BHP Billiton 115km 648 RRJ
1997 QLD Eungella Project  QLD State Government 124km 711 RRJ
1995 QLD Eagle Farm to Luggage Point Treamtment Plant Pipeline Brisbane City Council  3.5km 1915OD BSJ
1995 QLD Tarong Augmentation Project  AUSTA Electric 78.2km 660 & 900OD BSJ
1995 NSW Macarthur Project  Sydney Water 18.6km 1283, 1440 & 1575OD Sintajoint & BSJ
1995 VIC Keilor Sewer Outlet Main Melbourne Water 5.5km 502 OD Sintapipe
1995 QLD Northern Region Water Supply Augmentation  Albert Shire Council 18.5km 660, 800 & 960OD Sintakote MSCL Pipe
1994 NT Palmerston Water Supply  Power and Water Authority N.T 5.6km 800 & 1067OD Sintakote MSCL Pipe
1994 VIC Torquay Pipeline Barwon Water 12.9km 502 & 559OD Sintajoint RRJ
1994 QLD Logan Trunk Main Amplification  Logan City 13.5km 1125 ,1290, 1440 & 1750OD Sintakote MSCL
1993 VIC Houghton Bridge Water Main  Redcliffe City Council  2.7km 559 Sintajoint RRJ Deep Entry Socket
1993 VIC Benalla to Kilfeera Basin Main  Benalla Water Board  12km 610OD Sintajoint RRJ
1993 VIC Northwest Trunk Sewer  Portland Water Board (Wanon Water) 2.3km 559  & 660OD Sintapipe
1992 VIC Humffray Street South Aqueduct Ballarat Water Board (Central Highlands Water) 0.2km 914OD RRJ
1992 NSW Penshurst Main Renovation  Water Board Sydney Southern Region 1.2km 676OD Sintakote MSCL
1992 WA Ocean Reef Outfall  Water Authority of Western Australia (Water Corporation) 2.5km 1420OD Sintakote MSCL
1991 QLD Southern Isis Irrigation Scheme Water Resources Commision  2.3km 960 & 1125OD Sintakote MSCL
1991 QLD Stanwell Water Supply  Water Resources Commision  28km 900OD Sintajoint RRJ and Sintakote MSCL
1991 WA Victoria-Bickley Dam  Water Authority of Western Australia (Water Corporation) 6.1km 1220OD Sintakote MSCL
1991 QLD Stradebroke Island Redlands Shire 32km 610 & 813 RRJ & SSJ
1990 NSW Lucas Heights Reservoir Outlet Main Sydney Water 2.2km 660 RRJ
1990 WA Harris Dam Project  Water Authority of Western Australia (Water Corporation) 9.4km 914OD Sintajoint RRJ
1990 WA Argyle Diamond Mine Upgrade Argyle Diamond Mines Pty Ltd  13.4km 508OD Sintajoint RRJ
1990 NSW Lake Macquarie Sewerage Scheme – Toronto to Belmont  Public Works Department NsW & Hunter Water Board  3.3km 965OD Sintakote MSCL Pipeline
1989 TAS Kingston Pipe Duplication  Hobart Regional Water Board (TasWater) 4.8km 640OD Sintakote Welded Joints
1988 QLD Awoonga Callide Pipeline  SunWater 54km 700 RRJ (CP) 

Export Pipeline Projects 

Year  Country  Project  Principal  Length  Outside Diameter & Joints 
2015 New Zealand  Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme Ashburton Group / WIG 14km 1145 & 1283 RRJ
2010 United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Al Ain Water Transmission Scheme Transco / UAE / Abu Dhabi  19km 1016, 1219 & 1626 BSJ
2006 New Zealand  North Otago Irrigation Scheme Stage 1 North Otago Irrigation 10km 960 & 1145 RRJ
2005 United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Al Ain Desalination Transfer Pipeline Abu Dhabi Water / UAE 152km 813 RRJ
2004 New Zealand  Southern Valley Irrigation Scheme Malborough District Council 3km  960 RRJ
2003  Singapore  NEWater Recycled Water Pipeline NEWater Singapore  30km 813 & 914 RRJ
1995 Fiji Nagado Pipeline Amplification Project Public Works Department (Fiji) 0.84km 889 OD Sintajoint RRJ