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Compact Dismantling Joint Stock List

Refer to dimensional data sheet prior to ordering to confirm compatibility with application  = Ex-Stock (subject to availability at the time of order)
For sizes not listed, contact Steel Mains representative  A = 4-6 Weeks 
  B = 6-8 Weeks
PN16     PN35/PN25*
ID Code Size Lead Time     ID Code Size Lead Time
CDJ010016 DN100     CDJ010035 DN100
CDJ015016 DN150     CDJ015035 DN150
CDJ020016 DN200     CDJ020035 DN200
CDJ022516 DN225     CDJ022535 DN225
CDJ025016 DN250     CDJ025035 DN250
CDJ030016 DN300     CDJ030035 DN300
CDJ035016 DN350     CDJ035035 DN350
CDJ037516 DN375     CDJ037535 DN375
CDJ040016 DN400     CDJ040035 DN400
CDJ045016 DN450     CDJ045035 DN450
CDJ050016 DN500     CDJ050035 DN500
CDJ060016 DN600     CDJ060035 DN600
CDJ070016 DN700 B     CDJ070035 DN700 B
CDJ075016 DN750 B     CDJ075035 DN750 B
CDJ080016 DN800 B     CDJ080035 DN800 B
CDJ090016 DN900 B     CDJ090035 DN900 B
CDJ100016 DN1000 B     CDJ100035 DN1000 B
CDJ120016 DN1200 B     CDJ120035 DN1200 B
CDJ140016 DN1400 B     CDJ140025 DN1400 B
CDJ160016 DN1600 B     CDJ160025 DN1600 B
CDJ180016 DN1800 B     CDJ180025 DN1800 B

DN100 to DN1200, AS 4087 flanges. *Sizes above 1200 AS 4331 flanges PN16 and PN25.