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SINTAKOTE® steel pipeline systems can be connected via a wide variety of jointing systems. 

Steel Mains offer a wide variety of joints to accommodate project specific needs and selection will depend upon the specific requirements for the construction and performance of the pipeline.

Sintakote Pipe Laying and Joints Overview 



SINTAJOINT is a rubber ring joint specifically designed to eliminate the need for any on site field reinstatement after assembly on site. It provides a factory applied coating system that is continuous within the joint, with its interface under the cement lining ensuring a complete envelope coating end to end.

SINTAJOINT is available in pipe sizes from DN 300 to DN 1800. Each joint provides angular deflection up to 3° dependent on diameter. In some special situations where ground strains are expected to be high, e.g., in a mine subsidence area, deep entry SINTAJOINT can be provided to accommodate the greater axial displacements expected.



SINTAJOINT                                                                                           SINTAJOINT Installation Video  





SINTALOCK provides all the benefits of SINTAJOINT and when combined with external welding, enables construction of a fully end restrained pipeline without the need for concrete thrust blocks. This is a significant improvement on welded joints as it eliminates the safety issues associated with entry. SINTALOCK is also much faster to install as only external welding is required. 



SINTALOCK - TYPE I Welded RRJ                                                      SINTALOCK - TYPE II Welded RRJ             

DN300-DN1400                                                                                      DN500-DN1800     

Rubber Ring Joints  Comparison Brochure - Sintajoint & Sintalock    



Steel Mains supplies pipes with welded joints in sizes ranging from DN100 to DN2500. These joints include Spherical Slip In Joint (SSJ), Ball and Socket Joint (BSJ), Butt Weld joints, Butt Weld Joints with Weld Collars and Flanged Joints. SSJ joints offer up to 3 degree joint deflection depending on diameter and steel wall thickness. BSJ joints offer 3 degrees joint deflection for all diameters and wall thicknesses and are only available in sizes DN900 and greater.

Spherical Slip in Joint

Ball and Socket Joint

Butt Joint with Collar

Welded Joints Comparison Brochure


Flanged Joint 


Please refer to our Design Manual for more detailed information on these joints, as well as size ranges available in the Pipe Data section.