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Fittings Licensee's

Steel Mains certification is achieved through an assessment of fittings fabrication practices and procedures, and SINTAKOTEĀ® is applied under strict Steel Mains application guidelines that are routinely audited by Steel Mains to ensure compliance to applicable Steel Mains and Australian standards.

SINTAKOTE fittings and Steel Mains pipe for your small project needs are available from:

 Contact: Jason Fudlovski
Contact: Wayne Orley
 Contact: Shane Ashworth


Contact: Milan Stefanovich



Contact: Matt Reimann

                  Steve Winen



For small projects a range of Steel Mains products are also available through our strategically located and certified SINTAKOTE Fittings Licensee's.

Steel Mains has certified a select number of premium pipeline fittings fabrication/suppliers to enable them to apply Steel Mains proprietary SINTAKOTE coating to their fabricated fittings.  This eliminates the need for factory tape or heat shrink wrapping of fittings to produce a premium finish with superior coating to your fittings.

This enables Licenseeā€™s to supply fully SINTAKOTE coated pipe fittings to compliment Steel Mains SINTAKOTE pipeline system to their customers.


  • Full standards compliance

  • AS1579

  • AS4321

  • AS1281

  • AS4020

  • 100% NDE (unless otherwise specified)

  • Homogeneous SINTAKOTE coating

  • 100% coating compliance testing

  • Interim protection of ends prior to installation