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Steel Mains manufactures steel pipe using the spiral welding method. In this process, coils of steel having the required width and thickness are uncoiled and formed into a helix having the required pipe diameter. The helix is continuously welded internally and externally using Submerged Arc Welding process.

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Piling Manufacturing Capabilities

Plant Locations   Melbourne and Perth
Size Range (OD)  168 - 1422mm  
Wall Thickness (WT)  5mm to 25mm (1)   
Length of Pile  Standard:  Up to 13m length (2)
Coating (if required)  Factory applied Fusion Bonded MDPE - Sintakote available 
Steel Grades  AS1594 HA1016, HA250 or HA350 AS3678 Grade 250 or 350
Quality Assurance  ISO 9001
Welding and testing  In accordance with AS1554.1 Category SP. Ultrasonic or radiographic test   methods


Why Steel Mains Spiral Welded Steel Piles?

Versatility – The spiral welding process allows for the most economic selection of diameters and wall thicknesses. Steel Mains manufactures a comprehensive range of diameters from 168mm through to 1422mm and wall thicknesses from 5mm to 25mm. Piles can also be manufactured in long lengths, limited only by transportation restrictions.

Australian Made – Made in Australia using Australian Steel. Steel Mains is committed to manufacturing in Australia to meet Australian Standards and Conditions.

Corrosion Protection Systems – We are able to supply piles coated in factory applied fusion bonded MDPE, SINTAKOTE®.

Quality – All our manufacturing facilities are accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

Technical Support – Steel Mains, has been associated with steel pipe and piles since the late 1800’s. This experience and technical knowledge is provided to customers throughout the design, construction and maintenance phases of each project.