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Extensive research has shown that by following proper installation procedures, Steel Mains Sintakote┬« Steel Pipeline Systems can readily achieve operational lifetimes of over 150 years. Steel Mains and its predecessors have promoted quality pipeline installation through its installation program. This program provides training in the installation of steel pipe and Steel Mains accreditation to competent pipeline laying personnel. Most Australian water authorities now regard this as a mandatory competency requirement.

Steel Mains Installation Program: Construction & Installation of Sintakote Steel Pipeline Systems Water Distribution Conveyance Assets

This installation program supports the attainment of skills and knowledge required for field and operational staff with responsibility for ensuring that water distribution conveyance assets are constructed and installed in a safe and timely manner.




For Course Costs, Please Contact Steel Mains Training Department - or refer to Training Flyer & Application Form PDF below:

Phone: (07) 3435 5500 

Training flyer & Application form:

Steel Mains Training Flyer & Application Form - Sintakote Pipeline Systems

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Sintakote Site Repair Kit

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To provide pipe layers with a sound basis of efficient and competent methods of installation and reinstatement of Sintakote Steel Pipelines.


  • Plan and prepare for construction & installation
  • Construct and install Sintakote distribution conveyance assets, pipes and associated fittings
  • Confirm work quality
  • Finalise work

Who Should Attend

Personnel involved in the construction and pipeline industry. The program is designed for general pipe layers, leading hands and supervisors, as well as for engineering personnel in order to gain general pipeline construction & installation knowledge.

Competency Based Training

Competency training is a training approach that places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of hands-on experience and completing a structured training program. Assessment is the process of collecting evidence during training and making a judgment on whether competency has been achieved.


Competency is assessed through:

  • Successful completion of a theoretical exercise using the Steel Mains Sintakote Steel Pipe Handling and Installation Manual
  • Successful demonstration of practical understanding and application of handling and laying pipe
  • Evidence from learning activities

Course Length

  • One full day (7.00am - 5.00pm) of facilitated training including a theoretical assessment and demonstration of recommended pipe repair methods.
  • 2nd day of four (4) hours of an on-site practical assessment

Workshops may be delivered at main venues operated by Steel Mains, or at remote locations for projects.


Successful completion of the Installation Program will result in the student being assessed by Steel Mains as Competent and will receive a Statement of Attainment: Construction & Installation of Sintakote Steel Pipeline Systems Water Distribution Conveyance Assets.