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Compact Dismantling Joint 

To view an installation video of our Compact Dismantling Joint, head to our YouTube channel:

Please find below the Compact Dismantling Joint brochures.

Steel Mains Compact Dismantling Joint

Steel Mains Compact Dismantling Joint Installation Process


Steel Mains is now offering a new dismantling joint called The Compact Dismantling Joint. The new design is highly advanced with upgraded features, assisting with easier installation in confined areas due to its compact length and ease of installation. 

The Compact Dismantling Joint is available in standard sizes ranging from DN100 to DN1200 in both PN16 and PN35 pressure ratings. Larger sizes are also available on request. With a limited range available ex-stock, this unique and patented product is locally manufactured, reducing the lead time for made to order sizes. The Compact Dismantling Joint is proudly Australian designed and manufactured.

The length of the joint is now shorter compared to previous designs, enabled by the Integrated Seal Design and reduced thickness of the Sealing Flanges. The joint can now be safely installed in tight and constricted locations or where space is at a premium.

The complete assembly is sandwiched in compression between the Pipe Flange and the Pipeline Component making it one of the easiest dismantling joints to install and remove, saving time and money.

Steel Mains’ new and improved unique patented* Compact Dismantling Joint features the following benefits over existing designs:


• Reduced mass for easy handling
• 100% restrained - External flange bolts ”sandwich” the Compact Dismantling Joint
• Significantly reduced length requirements
• Easy installation and removal for servicing pipeline components
• Angular misalignment tolerance
• Integrated effective sealing system activated by compression
• Suitable for high pressure applications