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June 2020

Carrier pipe installation for Western Sydney’s Northern Road Upgrade

Posted By Utility Magazine,
30/06/2020 09:46 AM
Kwik-ZIP HDX-38 spacers were installed to facilitate the slip-lining of 160m of DN900 MSCL (Sintakote) carrier pipe into DN1200 Jacking Pipe for the Northern Road Upgrade (Stage 5) Project in Western Sydney.     Due to the run length and weight of the pipe, the kwik-ZIP spacer rings were installed at 1m intervals for the first 30m of the pipe, and then at 2m intervals for the remaining 130m. The project highlights the ability of kwik-ZIP’s HDX range to support carrier pipe...

1753 OD Rubber Ring Joints

Posted By Steel Mains,
24/06/2020 11:48 AM
1753 OD Sintajoint Rubber Ring Joint pipes ready for delivery on the Cherry St level removal crossing project.Combined with unrestrained Rubber Ring Joint fittings, these pipes will be used for the watermain diversion on an existing Southern Rural Water asset. McConnell Dowell will be overseeing the installation of these pipes.If you would like more information on our unrestrained Rubber Ring Joints, please click the the following link:

Pipes delivered at Victorian crossing removal

Posted By The Australian Pipeliner,
18/06/2020 14:33 PM
Steel Mains pipes and fittings have been delivered at a level crossing removal in Werribee, Victoria, overseen by McConnell Dowell. The Cherry St level crossing removal in Werribee involves the diversion of two existing City West Water potable watermains. The first set of Steel Mains’ 660 mm outside diameter Sintakote mild steel pipe and fittings were delivered to site this week, with McConnell Dowell managing the level crossing removal and water main...

Australian steel facilitates construction of W2BH

Posted By The Australian Pipeliner,
18/06/2020 14:00 PM
Construction of the 270 km W2BH, completed in December 2018, was facilitated by a proudly Australian partnership between Steel Mains and Bluescope Steel to supply almost 30,000 t of steel pipes. In addition to securing the long-term water supply for Broken Hill, the project is enabling growth and prosperity for local communities, as well as state and national economies in regional NSW. In October 2017, WaterNSW appointed a consortium of John Holland, MPC Kinetic and TRILITY to...

Compact Dismantling Joints ready for delivery

Posted By Steel Mains,
17/06/2020 14:00 PM
Large...but compact DN2400 & DN1800 Compact Dismantling Joints ready for delivery, complete with a custom designed transport frame. To learn more about our compact dismantling joints, please click on the following link: