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Pipes delivered at Victorian crossing removal

Posted By The Australian Pipeliner  
14:33 PM

Steel Mains pipes and fittings have been delivered at a level crossing removal in Werribee, Victoria, overseen by McConnell Dowell.

The Cherry St level crossing removal in Werribee involves the diversion of two existing City West Water potable watermains.

The first set of Steel Mains’ 660 mm outside diameter Sintakote mild steel pipe and fittings were delivered to site this week, with McConnell Dowell managing the level crossing removal and water main diversion.

Sintakote is a a fusion bonded polyethylene coating, capable of withstanding the harshest conditions both below or above ground.

In total, 1753 Australian manufactured pipes and fittings will be delivered for this project.

For more information visit the Steel Mains website.