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Rubber Ring Joint Water Pipes

Water pipes designed for diverse Australian conditions


Steel Mains rubber ring joint water pipes can perform in a wide range of conditions. Our water pipes are manufactured with Rubber Ring Joints (RRJ) and are designed to accommodate change to the pipeline alignment and settlement in a pipeline; whilst simultaneously maintaining a solid joint fixture. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, we can also deliver a ball & socket joint to suit the project requirements. Steel Mains and its forerunners have been at the forefront of developments in the water industry for more than 125 years; manufacturing high quality pipelines for Australian conditions.


Steel Mains is proud to offer integrated pipeline and coatings solutions for the water industry, logistics and project management to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of complete steel pipeline systems for the transportation of water and wastewater, offering a total solutions approach to our customers. For almost 40 years Steel Mains has been supplying the Sintakote pipeline system with great success. This system has demonstrated outstanding performance both above and belowground in thousands of different applications and environments. The Sintakote technology has been developed into several core pipeline systems that can be tailored to suit specific applications along with the operating environment. It also consists of coating, lining and a joint system on both pipes and fittings.


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