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Fusion Bonded Polyethylene Steel Pipes

The ultimate in corrosion and chemical protection

Steel Mains has been supplying fusion bonded polyethylene steel pipes to the water industry for almost 40 years. We specialise in the Sintakote range and value its consistent performance driven features. This unique system has demonstrated outstanding performance both above and belowground in thousands of different applications and environments. The Sintakote technology has been developed into several core pipeline systems that can be tailored to suit specific applications along with the operating environment and consists of coating, lining and a joint system on both pipes and fittings.  Sintakote factory applied external fusion bonded polyethylene coating proven to provide superior external corrosion protection in almost all operating environments.


The welding of joints of the polyethylene steel pipes are performed by qualified welders at all times.  Due to it’s high performance qualities, Sintakote pipes have become the preferred coating for steel pipelines in the water industry. At Steel Mains, we use a medium density polyethylene coating that offers greater advantages in corrosion protection. It is applied directly to the pipe using a fusion-bonded process and provides adequate protection to pipes against damage, chemical and corrosion attack. Steel Mains manufactures steel pipeline systems in a comprehensive range from 100mm to 2500mm nominal diameter including all ISO and Australian Standard diameters.


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