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Bulk Water Transfer Pipeline Systems

Effective bulk water transfers for draughts and water shortages


The benefits of bulk water transfer pipeline systems include greatly increasing the water supply to towns and communities during a drought and increasing availability of water supplies when it’s needed most. Steel Mains manufacture and supply premium quality steel water pipelines that are designed to endure bulk water operations. Rated pipe pressures are based on diameter, wall thickness and steel strength. Rated pressures for Sintajoint are typically up to 4.25MPa for pipe diameters up to DN 1000 with fully welded joints capable of even higher pressures. At Steel Mains, we provide a large range of procurement solutions that are delivered on time, within budget and to exact specifications.


Our manufacturing and industry expertise is second to none in the industry; delivering pipeline projects from initial concept stage right through to project completion. Today, Steel Mains products and services cover a range of industry needs both within Australia and globally, delivering quality, strength, durability and endurance. By choosing us, you can expect a management team that is highly competent and successful in overseeing large projects through to completion, strong attention to detail and superior technical support.


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