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Australian Manufacturers Steel Pipes

The leaders in steel pipe systems in Australia


Steel Mains are the leading Australian manufacturers in steel pipes and various other pipeline systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality, cost-effective and advanced solutions to meet diverse client requirements. Our passion for innovation and design capabilities has put us at the cutting edge of the industry; providing a fully integrated service that delivers the best outcome. Our manufacturing and industry expertise is unrivalled in the industry; delivering pipeline projects from initial concept stage right through to project completion. Today, Steel Mains products and services cover a range of industry needs both within Australia and globally, delivering quality, strength, durability and endurance.


Steel Mains is proud to offer integrated pipeline and coatings solutions for the water industry, logistics and project management to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Steel Mains is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of complete steel pipeline systems for the transportation of water and wastewater, offering a total solutions approach to our customers. For almost 40 years Steel Mains has been supplying the Sintakote pipeline system; and for more than 30 years, its Sintajoint push-in socket to the Asian Pacific market. This system has demonstrated outstanding performance both above and belowground in thousands of different applications and environments. The Sintakote technology has been developed into several core pipeline systems that can be tailored to suit specific applications along with the operating environment.


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