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A: 125 - 175 Patullos Lane, Somerton, Vic, 3062

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Rodney Glocer

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M: +61 418 384 109

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Queensland / Northern Territory / NSW-Northern

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New South Wales

Carl Mackaway

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M: +61 484 193 196

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Welded Distribution Pipeline Systems

Expertise in all facets of welding and pipeline management


Steel Mains has been installing welded distribution pipeline systems for over 125 years. We are one of Australia’s largest water pipeline contractors with expertise in all facets of design, surveying, procurement and integrated environmental systems. The welding of joints are performed by qualified welders that follow strict protocols for effective pipeline management on every project. Our expertise in welding techniques is unsurpassed in the industry and we pride ourselves on providing clients with complete assurance. Some of the welding systems we use include high-pressure butt-welding, traceability and quality verification data.


In addition to constructing pipeline systems, the team at Steel Mains can also assist with associated systems including water storages, valving and pump stations. Steel Mains manufactures steel pipeline systems in a comprehensive range from 100mm to 2500mm nominal diameter including all ISO and Australian Standard diameters. A full range of fittings from simple bends, tees, reducers, branches to complex fittings such as trifurcates can be supplied separately with Sintajoint for pushing together or our full range of welded joints for welding on site. Rated pipe pressures are based on diameter, wall thickness and steel strength. Rated pressures for SINTAJOINT are typically up to 4.25MPa for pipe diameters up to DN 1000 with fully welded joints capable of even higher pressures. The Sintakote technology has been developed into several core pipeline systems that can be tailored to suit specific applications to suit the operating environment.


For more information on our welded distribution pipeline system, click here to contact one of our Australian offices nearest you.